Welcome to Mr. Simonson’s site. The home of all things geeky, and the source of materials, links and info needed to be successful in your study of Physics, or Science 10 Discovery, at Oak Bay High School.

Using this site:  Generally you will only be interested in one of the menu items, under one of the courses, at a time. I will create a separate page for each main unit. On that page, will be a long sequence of handouts, worksheets, and links to sites and videos that I think you should read or watch. New material will be added to the top of the page as I go. The front page of the site will be for general information and important reminders.

Improving this site:  I would love to have suggestions from students, parents or other educators as to how to improve this site. Send your ideas, critiques, or links to sites you like (teacher sites or content sites) to me please.  Email Mr. Simonson

Disclaimer: This site is for students and parents, and is completely non-commercial. If I have provided a link, or “borrowed” an image from another site, I will try my best to give credit where credit is due. If I fail, please email me and I will remove, or credit as needed. It’s all about learning here, and sometimes I get caught up the excitement of what is available online and I forget little things like blatant plagiarism. Please scorn me when needed. Thanks.

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