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The Impacts of Digital Distractions on Your Brain

For those of you, or your parents, who may be interested in the brain-based science of the effects of using digital devices and screen-time on your brain and learning, Dr. Mohapel will give a free lecture at Royal Roads University.

Register here:


Welcome Back to Oak Bay High!

September is 2/3 over, and I am just getting to my website. Wow! Crazy start-up for me this year as I lost my voice on Labour Day, and struggled to speak for the first two weeks. Not ideal to say the least, but at least that’s over now. My voice is back! Poor kids!

Meet the Teacher Night it tonight! Yes!

Hope to see lots o’ parents and share my love of science with them.

This year is looking so good. My classes seem solid! So hard working. I am excited to see what they can achieve.


Final Exam Outlines

Physics 11

29 Multiple Choice (29 marks)

2 General
5 Graphing & Kinematics
8 Work, Energy and Power
8 Forces
1 Momentum
3 Waves
2 Optics

20 Written Questions (41 marks)

3 Kinematics (5 marks)
3 Forces (9 marks)
2 Gravitation (4 marks)
2 Momentum (3 marks)
2 Work, Energy and Power (4 marks)
3 Waves & Snell (5 marks)
2 optics calculations (5 marks)
3 optics: ray diagrams (6 marks)

Total Marks = 70


Physics 12

21 Multiple Choice (42 marks)

2 Kinematics
3 Forces
1 Power
1 Momentum (impulse)
1 Equilibrium (1st condition)
2 Circular Motion
3 Gravitation and Orbits
2 Electrostatics
3 DC Circuits
2 E/M Fields & Forces
1 E/M Lenz’s Law

7 Written Questions (32 marks)

1 Vector Addition (5 marks)
1 Momentum (5 marks)
1 Equilibrium (2nd Condition) (5 marks)
1 Induced EMF (4 marks)
1 Electrostatics (5 marks)
1 B-field in a Solenoid (3 marks)
1 WEP with a graph (5 marks)

Total Marks = 74

Playland Field-trip May 1

Get your form in and your fees paid today.
(White form to teacher, fees paid online)

There are 140 seats on the buses, and that’s it. There are well over 200 students in Physics this year, so avoid disappointment, and get ‘er done!

The white permission form  must be signed by a parent or a guardian and returned to your teacher. The $65 fee must be paid online. Both must be done before you can sign up for a bus. The blue form is yours to keep, maybe stick it on the fridge at home.

The field-trip lab forms will be given out at Playland for you to collect your data and do your calculations on. Bring a pencil and a calculator. Likely silly to say this, but bring your phones too ūüôā¬† It may be a good idea to download a free app to record accelerations while on the rides. I’ll show you some in class.

Be prepared! It could rain. it could be cold, or maybe it will be hot and sunny. Bring the right stuff! Oh, and food. Unless you want ferry food twice, and fair-food once, bring some fuel with you.

Last thing: be here at the school (on Cranmore next to the science wing) on time! We will leave without you. Really.

5:40 AM…set all the alarms!

New Triumf Fellowships for Ph 12 Students

Each summer the particle accelerator at UBC offers summer internships to students after grade 12 but before going into the physical sciences or engineering. This year they have expanded the program to include 3 spots at TRIUMF and 3 spots in the community:

The Young Engineers and Scientists (YES!) Fellowship program offers six-week summer research experiences to graduating secondary students in British Columbia entering their first year at a recognized post-secondary institution. The fellowships are located at TRIUMF or at research organizations associated with Life Science British Columbia. The fellowship includes an award of $3,000 and travel and housing allowances to students outside Metro Vancouver (for the TRIUMF placements only). A minimum of three positions at each of TRIUMF and LSBC are offered each year.

The intent of the YES Fellowship is to motivate students with a passionate interest in science to pursue a career in research by offering them the opportunity to experience a real life research environment.

The above quote is from this website:

Welcome Back!

Hello ScienceGeeks!

Welcome back to the 2018 grad year! I’m super excited to see you again, or meet you for the first time. The school energy level is going to be turned up to 11 this year! So many exciting things for you to learn and get involved with. The new admin team, the new batch of teachers (and lots of us old ones), the counselling team, all pumped up, re-energized and ready to help you reach your goals.

I’m teaching Sc 10 Discovery, Ph 11 and Ph 12 again this year, and couldn’t be more pleased. Shrubsole has sent me his best and brightest plus a few new keeners, I’ve heard great things about this year’s 11s (and I know a few of you), and the 12s? Well I should know lots of you, and I can’t remember a nicer bunch of grads. Your grad class is really going to make Oak Bay a super fun, positive and kind place to learn. I am excited to see what you can do!

If you’ve never been to my website before, poke around and get familiar with the layout. I’ll try and post useful bits of info throughout the year including your marks (right now, you will see remnants of last years classes). Check out the contact page if you ever need to mail me a postcard, or if you’ve forgotten my email address. If you have time, read the course outline for the course you are in before coming to class, download the Remind App to your phone, and the Google Classroom App too please. The instructions for joining the Remind App list for your class is found above, under your class’s tab.

Most of you won’t see this until next week, but just incase, I though I’d better say hi!

Let’s do some science!

Final Grades! (sort of)

We’re gettin’ close! Lots of crazy “fun” trying to learn how to use our new marks program here at the school. Whew!

The marks that are now posted for the classes that have written finals have four columns. Check out the PDF for your class under the grade tabs above, and refer to this description to help you understand the four columns (all values are percentages):

Column 1) “Tri 3” this is actually you cumulative class grade for the whole year not including the exam.
Column 2) ¬†“SchExam S1” this is your mark on the final exam.
Column 3) “Final” this is your final grade for the course. It is equal to 80% of column 1 plus 20% of column 2.
Column 4) “Tri 3” ignore this please. I don’t use it. It’s just your term 3 stuff, but I don’t use it. So there.

Final Class Marks are Up

Please check under your class tab above, and then the grades tab, to see you updated marks. The mark shown in the last column “Cumulative”, is your final class mark for the whole year. This is the grade you have going into your final exam.

On your report card this will show as your term 3 grade.

Your final report card grade will be 80% of this cumulative grade plus 20% of your final exam mark.

Best of luck on your finals this week.