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Final Grades! (sort of)

We’re gettin’ close! Lots of crazy “fun” trying to learn how to use our new marks program here at the school. Whew!

The marks that are now posted for the classes that have written finals have four columns. Check out the PDF for your class under the grade tabs above, and refer to this description to help you understand the four columns (all values are percentages):

Column 1) “Tri 3” this is actually you cumulative class grade for the whole year not including the exam.
Column 2)  “SchExam S1” this is your mark on the final exam.
Column 3) “Final” this is your final grade for the course. It is equal to 80% of column 1 plus 20% of column 2.
Column 4) “Tri 3” ignore this please. I don’t use it. It’s just your term 3 stuff, but I don’t use it. So there.

Final Class Marks are Up

Please check under your class tab above, and then the grades tab, to see you updated marks. The mark shown in the last column “Cumulative”, is your final class mark for the whole year. This is the grade you have going into your final exam.

On your report card this will show as your term 3 grade.

Your final report card grade will be 80% of this cumulative grade plus 20% of your final exam mark.

Best of luck on your finals this week.

Final Exam Outlines (June 2017)

Physics 12

(Test out of 74, worth 20% of final grade)

 Topic Multiple Choice Written
Circular Motion / Gravitation 5 0
Equilibrium 1 1
Kinematics 2 1
Work, Energy, Power 1 1
Forces 3 0
Momentum 1 1
Electrostatics 2 1
DC Circuits 3 0
Electromagnetism 3 2
Total Questions 21 7
Total Marks 42 32

Physics 11

(Test out of 70, worth 20% of final grade)

 Topic Multiple Choice Written
Waves 3 3
Optics 2 5
Kinematics 5 3
Work, Energy, Power 8 2
Forces 8 5
Momentum 1 2
General 2 0
Total Questions 29 20
Total Marks 29 41

Science 10

(Test out of 67, worth 20% of final grade)

 Topic Number of Questions
Ecology 17
Chemisty 20
Radiation 5
Motion 14
Plate Tectonics 11
Total Questions 67
Total Marks 67

Magnetism is Beautiful!

Did anybody else see the aurora last night? A rare sight in Victoria due to our southern latitude.

This photo of the aurora was taken last night at Phyllis Park here in Victoria by Nic, the Summer Coordinator. I saw the pic here: Friends of the DAO – Dominion Astrophysical Observatory

Aurora Borealis, or “the Northern Lights” are caused when high-energy particles emitted from the sun travel through space and tangle themselves in the Earth’s magnetic field. The particles travel so fast, that when they hit the Earth’s atmosphere they give off brilliant light with colours that correspond to the various chemical compositions of our atmosphere.

Read more:

Click this to see it big! So pretty!
ArouraVictoria 2017-05-28 at 5.57 PM

Crash Course Physics

Great news for my physics classes: Those smart Green brothers (John and Hank) have hired the even smarter physics prof.  Dr.  Shini Somara (she’s a mechanical engineer and fluid dynamicist. Also, she’s a well experienced host for television shows on the BBC) to do their Crash Course YouTube video series on Physics. The series of 35 vids covers the whole Advanced Placement Physics 1 and 2 curriculum. Some of these units are in two dimensions, so great for Physics 12, while many are good for both 11 and 12. Some go beyond what we do, but hey, you can still watch them! As with all the Crash Course videos, they are very fast paced, so perhaps best for review or for multiple viewings.

 Crash Course Physics Playlist

This is the whole AP Physics course in a few minutes. Dr.  Somara provides a fast paced summary of all the units we do and more. AP Physics uses calculus, so keep that in mind if you have not yet experienced the joys of calc. When you see a “d” being used, that’s like our greek letter delta. (example: a=dv/dt would be a= Δv/Δt in our world). If you here about integrals, think “area under the curve”.  Enjoy:      Crash Course Physics Playlist

First Term Reports

Can you believe it’s December already? Wow!

Parents, hopefully you have by now seen your child’s report card. I was struck by the quality of work by my students this term, so you should all be proud! What an amazing bunch of young people that I get to work with each day. I feel very fortunate to have the job I have.

Some notes about marks:

If you wish to see the breakdown of marks on each task, please see your child’s marks on this site. They are found under the grade tabs above. For example: Physics 11 > Your Marks > Block 2 Marks. They are listed by student number. These marks are a work in progress. Some students are still preparing to write retests. I will keep the marks-book going all year. Talk to your child about the possibility of improving their grade if need be.

Do not hesitate in contacting me anytime.

Thanks for sharing your awesome kids with me! So fun!

Eric Simonson

Welcome Parents!

Tonight is Meet the Creature Night at Oak Bay!

I’m looking forward to meeting your parents and family. A very exciting and positive night each year! Come at 6:30 to the gym, and then I’ll see you starting at 7:00 in Advisory.