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New Site Features!

Early Christmas Presents!

Your marks are now on-line. Look under your course tab above, then find “Your Marks” then click on your block #.

Also, I have created classes on “Remind”, a website that enables me to send you text messages (or emails if you wish) with important reminders or info. I promise not to abuse this privilege, much:). You will not be able to text me back, and I will never know your number. You can certainly email me at any time if you wish.

Find the “Remind Instructions” for your block # above.

Tests are coming!

Wow, Looks like next Wednesday and Thursday will be big days in room 307E! Tests for all seven classes! Who wants to help mark them? Ha Ha!

Physics 11s, the Kinematics Pretest and Answer Keys are up! Study hard my little geeks!

We’re on our way

The first round of testing is done! Well, a few retests are happening, but I was very pleased with the performance of most of you all over the past couple of weeks. Hard work and lots of practice has made for solid results. I can’t remember have an average of about 80% across all seven of my classes. That’s about 200 students! Cool.

Physics 11s, your formula sheet is finally up here. If you lose your paper copy, grab a replacement here.

The First Bits…

The Ph 12 Static Equilibrium page is getting content! Yeah! Check out the solutions to the “Ultimate Equilibrium Review” and other links. Just look under the Physics 12 menu above.

Please note: the answer key has one error: #17 says “d” but it should be “c”.