Block D Grades

Parents: these grades are listed by student number. Ask your child for their number.

Click here for a PDF of your marks to date.



  • A mark with 3 decimal places indicates that a retest was done.
  • A mark with 2 decimal places indicates that you missed the first test, and wrote the retest only.
  • “NHI” means not handed in. If you leave this as an “NHI”, you may still get a grade (learning outcomes may be demonstrated in other ways), but the NHI will eventually turn into a zero. Be careful!
  • A mark of “_____” or “omit” or “away” is excused and will not bring your mark down, but it will make the other tasks worth more.
  • Tests are worth more than other items. See you class outline for more details.

If you suspect these are out of date (and they likely will be:), please see me at my computer.

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