Crash Course Physics

Great news for my physics classes: Those smart Green brothers (John and Hank) have hired the even smarter physics prof.  Dr.  Shini Somara (she’s a mechanical engineer and fluid dynamicist. Also, she’s a well experienced host for television shows on the BBC) to do their Crash Course YouTube video series on Physics. The series of 35 vids covers the whole Advanced Placement Physics 1 and 2 curriculum. Some of these units are in two dimensions, so great for Physics 12, while many are good for both 11 and 12. Some go beyond what we do, but hey, you can still watch them! As with all the Crash Course videos, they are very fast paced, so perhaps best for review or for multiple viewings.

 Crash Course Physics Playlist

This is the whole AP Physics course in a few minutes. Dr.  Somara provides a fast paced summary of all the units we do and more. AP Physics uses calculus, so keep that in mind if you have not yet experienced the joys of calc. When you see a “d” being used, that’s like our greek letter delta. (example: a=dv/dt would be a= Δv/Δt in our world). If you here about integrals, think “area under the curve”.  Enjoy:      Crash Course Physics Playlist