Science 9 & 10 Discovery

Welcome to Science 9 & 10 Discovery.


“We want the lovers of science, the inquisitive, the keen. Basically, we want the science-geeks.”

The Science Discovery Program (formerly known as Science Honours)  is intended to encourage those with a keen interest in science. We will focus on hands-on experiments and the use the model of Project Based Learning in our exploration of topics in all branches of Science, from material covered in the classroom to science in the ‘real-world’.  The intention of this course is to develop a deeper understanding in science, and not to have a “harder” course. Achievement tends to be as good, or better, than in the regular science classes.

  1. The Science Discovery Program in grade 9 & 10 is intended to encourage those who have a keen interest in science.
  2. To use the strategies of Inquiry and Project Based Learning
  3. To engage in meaningful science.
  4. To be in a learning environment with others who really like science!
  5. To produce an authentic display of learning culminating in a Science Fair and Gala Celebration of Learning at the end of the course.  
How to Get In?

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Click here to get to the Google-Form Application for both Science 9 Discovery and for Science 10 Discovery. Those in Disco 9 this year must reapply for Disco 10.

Note: On your course selection form, please select “Science 9” or “Science 10”, there is no place on the selection form for Discovery Science. We will choose the students and place them in the Discovery classes during the spring and summer.





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