Work, Energy and Power

Prodigious Practice Problems Blank Worksheet

Prodigious Practice Problems KEY

The making of a champion: Shane Perkins can produce 2500 W of power and burns over 5000 kcal per day. That’s 21 million joules! Wow!

of course this vid of “Man vs. Toaster” can’t be overlooked. (at least by track cycling physics teachers)


A table of Some Specific Heat Capacities

Another table of Specific Heat Capacities of some metals

Conservation of Energy

The Ballistic Pendulum is a cool example of how the conservations of momentum and energy are used together to find the velocity of a bullet.

Work, Energy and Power

Here is the CrashCourse vid on WEP. It’s a good summary!
Note: we don’t have to worry about the vector stuff, or the calculus.

Practice Problems and Keys:

Energy Work and Power Makes Me Hot: ASSIGNMENT

More to Work On: Blank
More to Work On: Key

WEP PreTest: Blank
WEP PreTest: Key

Extra Practice Sheets from Mr. Carmichael

Work and Energy Practice Problems KEY
Note: Question 11 should read 68.6 N not 686 N.  Question 12 should read: “…He pulls the box 12.0 m.”

Conservation of Energy Practice Problems KEY
Note:   Question 15 should read: “…and draws the string back 1.25 m.”

Power Practice Problems KEY
Note: Question 9 should be (a) 1800 N  (b) 0.12  and #13 should read (b) 72000 W (the time was wrong, should be 8.0 s)

We’re Making Heat! Your new favourite song!

Stuff You Should Know (the course learning outcomes)

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