Final Exam Prep

Start at the bottom of the table (Do newer exams first)

Here are many of the old Provincial Exams, with answer keys, that should be used for your final exam preparations. Back in the day, these were designed to be done in two hours, but most students took three. Let the number of minutes per mark be your guide to pacing. For example, if the exam you are about to try is out of 100 marks (check, they are not all the same), then you should maintain, on average, a pace of 180 min/100 marks or 1.8 minutes per mark. A 7 mark question would then get 12.6 min. Multiple choice would get 3.6 min each on average (some take much longer!). Adjust you calculation for each exam and stay on pace. Do as many problems as you can. If you were running the 100m at the Olympics, would you practice just once? I didn’t think so.

Oh, and start at the bottom of the table. I should have put these in reverse chronological order, but I didn’t. The newest exams are at the bottom. If you try exams from long ago, like the 1994 and 1995 ones, you will need to pick and choose questions. There were optional units back then that we no longer have in the curriculum, so just be careful!

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