Final Grades! (sort of)

We’re gettin’ close! Lots of crazy “fun” trying to learn how to use our new marks program here at the school. Whew!

The marks that are now posted for the classes that have written finals have four columns. Check out the PDF for your class under the grade tabs above, and refer to this description to help you understand the four columns (all values are percentages):

Column 1) “Tri 3” this is actually you cumulative class grade for the whole year not including the exam.
Column 2)  “SchExam S1” this is your mark on the final exam.
Column 3) “Final” this is your final grade for the course. It is equal to 80% of column 1 plus 20% of column 2.
Column 4) “Tri 3” ignore this please. I don’t use it. It’s just your term 3 stuff, but I don’t use it. So there.