Google It!

The time has come at Oak Bay High to utilize a powerful new learning tool: Google Classroom. ¬†Google has created a suite of powerful apps and add-ons for education. These Google Apps For Education (or GAFE), and the digital “Classroom” provide a secure, ad free environment for students and teachers to share materials. No data is collected by Google, no ads are targeted or used at all, they provide unlimited storage for free, and there is a growing community of educators and programmers producing amazing apps for learning. This November, Google is coming to Oak Bay for two days to provide a GAFE Summit. Teachers from all over will be coming together to learn about these new tools. But we are not waiting. Some of us eager teachers are getting the ball rolling now. This is where you can help.

Parents and Students:

  1. Please read this letter from the School District’s¬†Director of Informational Technology about the implementation of GAFE.
  2. Please print, read and sign this consent form, and return it to me (Simonson). If you have already delivered a signed consent form to another teacher, you are done! This only needs to be done once. If you do not have a printer at home, please ask for a paper copy at school.