Kinematics PreTest  Answer Key. The names have been changed for many of the problems, but the written problems are the same.
Key ERRORS:  The answer to #1 is apparently 2 m/s not 4 m/s. Some people think 8/4=2. So if you’re hung up on all those math rules, we’ll go with 2 m/s. Sheesh! The answer to question #20 should be negative if you called down negative like I did. I just forgot the negative sign. Bad teacher.

The Really Rather Long Kinematics Practice Problems (2016) Key

Warning: This key has not been checked over. It’s my first draft. There may be errors. Also, my scanner seems to have trimmed the edges off a bit. Sorry

.Answer Key for the Constant Acceleration Problem worksheet.

Displacement – Time Relations Worksheet (constant velocity)

Displacement – Time Relations Worksheet KEY

Lesson notes on the Position vs. Time graph.  Some good reminders about the d-t graph. Main thing: slope=velocity. They use p for position rather than d. Oh well.

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