Welcome Parents!

Tonight is Meet the Creature Night at Oak Bay!

I’m looking forward to meeting your parents and family. A very exciting and positive night each year! Come at 6:30 to the gym, and then I’ll see you starting at 7:00 in Advisory.


Sc 9 Science Fair Surveys

Here are the surveys that your classmates need you to do:

Survey Potato


Survey Omega


Survey Alpha


Survey Beta


Survey Gamma


Survey Delta

For our science fair project, we are working on sounds that are connected to fear. To make the sounds more realistic, we are making them 3D. So when you are listening to them, please go to a quiet place, close your eyes, and use earbuds or headphones so you feel like you’re in the scene. Then rate them on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 being the most scary.

Please try not to let your friends influence your opinions. Thank-You!

Choose only one of the following links. The surveys are the same, but in different order. You should choose only one at random (flip a coin?):

Survey 1

Survey 2

Survey Theta


Report Cards

Hello Parents,

Term 1 has passed, and the first report cards are out! What a great bunch of kids you have sent me! I am loving my classes this year, in a big part due to the wonderful young people I get to work with. The new building and a great staff doesn’t hurt either.

If you wish to see the break-down of marks by task for your child’s report, you can visit the grade and class tabs above, and find the link to the grades.  You will need your child’s student number – ask them. Nothing is written in stone, and any mistakes will certainly be fixed. Please let me know if something seems incorrect, and I will look onto it.

Also, grade may be improved on by writing retests, or resubmitting labs with corrections done.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.


Mr. Simonson

NYC Marathon

You know I love a good graph! Check out this page, which shows an animated bar-graph of all the runners and their times in the New York City Marathon last year. Much more telling than a static graph for sure.

Data is beautiful!


Oak Bay High Department of Geeks