Playland Field-trip May 1

Get your form in and your fees paid today.
(White form to teacher, fees paid online)

There are 140 seats on the buses, and that’s it. There are well over 200 students in Physics this year, so avoid disappointment, and get ‘er done!

The white permission form  must be signed by a parent or a guardian and returned to your teacher. The $65 fee must be paid online. Both must be done before you can sign up for a bus. The blue form is yours to keep, maybe stick it on the fridge at home.

The field-trip lab forms will be given out at Playland for you to collect your data and do your calculations on. Bring a pencil and a calculator. Likely silly to say this, but bring your phones too 🙂  It may be a good idea to download a free app to record accelerations while on the rides. I’ll show you some in class.

Be prepared! It could rain. it could be cold, or maybe it will be hot and sunny. Bring the right stuff! Oh, and food. Unless you want ferry food twice, and fair-food once, bring some fuel with you.

Last thing: be here at the school (on Cranmore next to the science wing) on time! We will leave without you. Really.

5:40 AM…set all the alarms!